Download WiFi Map for PC, Laptop (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista & Mac

WiFi Map for PC is the multifunctional/multiskilled utility and also travel app which is also able to permit users in order to search free wifi hotspots for a quick and also safe internet connection. However, WiFi Map provides the capability in order to buy VPN access as well as eSim data plans on entitled iOS devices. WiFi Map company also provides access to its database for further enhancers just through the API/SDK integrations. WiFi Maps database adds millions of hotspots that were included through means crowdsource. Grateful for the strive of its large worldwide user base and business venues. However, this app has been downloaded more than 100 million times and it also has millions of monthly active users.

Moreover, the WiFi Map LLC has been registered as a Delaware LLC, in May 2014. Company founders Denis Sklyarov, Igor Goldenberg, Dzmitry Plashchynski, and Kirill Kudin.


WiFi Map for PCYes Guys you may be aware of this awesome app which is known as the WiFi Map. Now I am going to introduce you to WiFi Map for PC. However, the WiFi Map for PC is a mobile app that supports people’s connection to free internet all over the world.  With over 120 Million Active WiFis, WiFi Map is just one means for connecting it to free internet. All WiFis are constantly added to our app by our community members each and every day. However, we are living in a world of a sharing economy and also the people who share WiFi info in order to support others with obtaining online. Although WiFi Map is not a hacking tool. But in spite of your guide simply to a free and also accessible WiFi.

Although our Community is fastly increasing and our database continuously updates with new hotspots, every single minute!  So, don’t get discouraged whether you don’t view information for a particular WiFi, however, it will be included soon, and also we have information on thousands of WiFi right near you. Here arises a question that does WiFi Map automatically add your WiFi? Here we have also an answer for you. All WiFi information is being contributed just manually. However, the WiFi Hotspot which you are connected to whilst using WiFi Map will not be included in the WiFi Map impulsively. So for your WiFi hotspot to be added to the map, simply you have to take the steps in order to add a new WiFi.

Incorporated VPN Service

Many best things are also available inside the WiFi Map. For example, an incorporated VPN service is also there in order to support the individuals acquire a secure connection. Similarly, with this ability, no need for users is also there in order to get services from third-party virtual private networks. Although all of the online security precautions/provision is also set directly from the app. With the VPN service, they are also able to easily bypass online limitations anytime they like to. Either being at work, they are also able to use social media and also live-streaming apps.Moreover, the users are permitted in order to search for their wished connections with a map. Although no matter at which place they are, they are able to always set a parameter for just acquiring better search consequences. Aside from that, when a utilizer is also able to begin using the internet with just a single click. No, any need is there in order to root your device or to subscribe to a premium plan. Because the main services of the app are offered for free. Although, you are also able to use in-app purchases in order to clear out online ads.

WiFi Map VS WiFi Warden

Hello, guys now I am going to mention the comparison between WiFi Map and WiFi Warden. After reading both of them you will get too much information about both maps. However, the WiFi Warden is an Android app similarly it is Free Wi-Fi Access which is enhanced by the EliyanPro and it is listed under the category Tools. Just as to Google Play WiFi Warden the Free Wi-Fi Access achieved more than 10,000,000 installs.

Similarly, the WiFi Warden – Free Wi-Fi Access recently it has 209,015 ratings simply just with average rating value of 3.92. The recent percentage of ratings attained in last just one month is 0.41%, percentage of ratings achieve in the last 2 months is 0.93%. WiFi Warden. In order to Free Wi-Fi Access has the current market position #3655 by a number of ratings. A representative of the market history data for WiFi Warden.

Android app Free WiFi Passwords & Internet Hotspots. WiFi Map enhances by the WiFi Map LLC is also listed under the category efficiency. Just as the Google Play Free WiFi Passwords & the Internet Hotspots. WiFi Map attained just more than 50,000,000 installs. Free WiFi Passwords and Internet Hotspots. WiFi Map recently has 808,107 ratings with just an average rating value of 3.97.

Although the current percentage of ratings reached just in the last month is 0.98%, the percentage of ratings reach in the last days of 2 months is 2.11%. Although free WiFi Passwords & Internet Hotspots. WiFi Map also has a recent market position of 960 by the number of ratings. Although the representative of the market history data for Free WiFi Passwords & Internet Hotspots.

WiFi Warden

Title: WiFi Warden – Free Wi-Fi Access
Developer: EliyanPro
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Installs: 10.0 M
Total ratings: 209,015
Average rating: 3.92
Growth (30 days): 0.41%
Growth (60 days): 0.93%
Country Rankings:

WiFi Map

Title: Free WiFi Passwords & Internet Hotspots. WiFi Map
Developer: WiFi Map LLC
Category: Productivity
Price: Free
Installs: 50.0 M
Total ratings: 808,107
Average rating: 3.97
Growth (30 days): 0.98%
Growth (60 days): 2.11%
Country Rankings:

Features of WiFi Map

Alright in the following you will see that we have mentioned some features for your further support. However, by reading these features you will understand this app the more.

  1. WiFi Map is an app that is able to find the internet worldwide.
  2. It is also able to access the internet just for free, however, when you connect to WiFi.
  3. Enormous WiFi hotspots are also available all around the world
  4. Genuine WiFi passwords and  advantageous instructions
  5. Utilize the map navigation in order to search the local hotspots
  6. Apply filters for finding out the nearest WiFi around you
  7. Similarly the smart search on the WiFi map
  8. Add WiFi hotspots around you to the map
  9. It also helps you to download offline maps when you travel
  10. Simply you can also share WiFis on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with your peers
  11. Unlimited secure VPN

Download the WiFi Map For PC, Laptop [Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista & Mac]

Friends as you all know that before downloading such directly here we need to first download Android Emulator. Because there are such types of apps which are not able to easily download directly so for them we have to must use the Emulators. Here I would like to ask my friend to download & install WiFi Map For PC through Android emulators. Because most apps work best for those who like to encounter the Android interface on a widescreen of their computer.

Although an official version of WiFi Map For Windows & Mac is also available there. Similarly, if you want the best experience, so then here we will suggest you order to download it simply. Just the support of an Android Emulator which is called the BlueStacks (you all are aware of this software). So now you have to abide by the steps that are given below for knowing the simplest method in order to use the application on your PC.

WiFi Map for PC

The Emulator which I have asked you to download (Bluestacks) however, it able to work too skillfully simply as compared to smartphones, so we can here say that it is worth a try. Therefore it gives you services without any cost it is free for all of us. So if you are now ready to download and also install Bluestacks, for doing this you have to first download the emulator’s file simply from the given below button. Yes, guys now if you have downloaded the raw file of the software. Thus it’s time for you in order to head to it and also then begin installing it. Hence same as you just install any other emulator on your PC.

Configuring BlueStacks

Guys when you complete installing the BlueStacks, so then it is your turn in order to configure it as you want to. Similarly when you manage this software on your PC, so at that time it will ask you just for entering your Gmail credentials and also choose an easy Language. Although all popular languages which are present for you in order to choose. So you must select to go to the step of downloading WiFi Map For Windows & Mac.

Download WiFi Map 

However, at times configuring the Android Emulator, so then it will take you directly to its home interface. Then you must have to locate and also then head to the Google Play Store app. However, inside the Play store app, you must have to make a search for WiFi Map and there you have to install it. In just a few seconds, your WiFi Map For PC will be installed on your PC and also it will ready for you in order to use it.

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Alright, Guys! I hope that you will like this article the most. In this guide, I have tried myself in order to download the WiFi Map and I am also hopeful that this guide will very help full for you. Whether you have any queries so feel free to ask us, just you can ask in the comments section below. We will try to solve your queries.

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