Game Master 5th Edition for PC, Windows, and Mac

You can download Free Game Master 5th Edition for PC along with the tutorial at Techfrag. Lion’s Den. launched Game Master 5th Edition game in order to work along with Google Android and also even iOS. But you can even install Game Master 5th Edition on PC or computer too. Ever wondered how we can download Game Master 5th Edition PC? Just don’t worry, let us break it down for yourself into really easy steps actually. Let’s now read the article to know about the Game Master 5th Edition for PC, Windows, and Mac – Free Download

Game Master 5th Edition Introduction

Game Master will also help you run your 5th Edition game really smoothly and efficiently. You can easily set up encounters, roll attacks, track initiatives, all in one famous app. It Game Master the Encounter manager tracks hp, initiative, and all the important stats of your monsters and system. You can also roll attacks, saving throws, and skills with a simple tap. You can also add many monsters via the monster editor. But, the app will roll the dice two times and then takes the lower of the two as well. You can also import almost everything. Create monsters, type up notes, and a rules reference sheet on your system then import them into this application as well.

Game Master is actually the topmost and famous app. It is also available to download for FREE of cost on mobile platforms as well. However, for the Desktop platform, the app is not actually developed. Officially there is actually no way that we can install this app on a PC. But, it does not mean that this closes doors for all of the Windows and Mac users to use this app as well. There are some tricks that permit us to install any app available on the Google play store to the laptop.

Game Master 5th Edition

App Features

Combat Tracker

Roll initiative, the track hit points and conditions, view monster stat blocks, and roll attacks, all in an easy-to-use interface. There is no need to flip through the Monster Manual or roll and also add up a bunch of dice. You’ll be able to leave your books at home because Game Master has what you’ll want.

Encounter Builder

Quickly put together an encounter, also including one along with randomly generated enemies. The encounter analyzer calculates the difficulty so that you guys won’t accidentally TPK the party as well.

Creature Builder/Scaler

You can easily create a new creature or modify one. Specify a few stats, such as challenge rating, ability scores, hit dice, as well… and also the app will auto-generate the rest of the numbers and text for you as well.

DM Screen

The rules reference view lets you instantly look up rules, tables, as well. This view is completely customizable and can also even include links to external websites.

Campaign Manager

You can split your campaign into adventures, each with its own sets of characters and encounters. Also, keep notes and treasure items that you guys can send out to your players.

Dice Roller

All of your stats and attacks can be rolled along with a tap of a button. Also included is a dice calculator that permits you to input a custom roll. There is no need to roll 1d20 + 6d9 + Constitution modifier? Game Master has what you need.


A customizable compendium of content that via default includes all of the races, classes, backgrounds, feats, equipment, spells, and also monsters from the System Reference Document 5.1 as well. This does not contain all of the official content from the books so that you’ll have to input any missing. In order to make adding easier, there is an Import feature with which you can type/copy content on your PC then transfer the file into the compendium. Fan-made files are also available for download, so just search online.

Fight Club Integration

Players with the Fight Club 5th Edition app (available on Android and iOS) can also send their characters to you in the form of an importable file. So you can instantly include them in any campaign.


This app is also designed to be played with D&D 5e, however, many elements of it can be used for other tabletop RPGs, such as D&D 3.5e and Pathfinder RPG. And of course. Since everything can be completely customized, any homebrewed content is also possible too.

Premium Version

The app is absolutely free to download, but you are limited to creating a single campaign along with one adventure and up to three encounters. Upgrading to the premium version along with the in-app purchase will remove these restrictions as well.

Game Master 5th Edition for PC, Windows, and Mac

Among the most approvable emulator software’s here we can choose Bluestacks, Nox Player, and MEmu software to set up the Game Master 5th current version 1.23. You can also use or follow any of the processes from these three software in order to get Game Master 5th on your windows or Mac devices.

You guys can also download Bluestacks, Nox Player, and any other emulators, Just click here

Install Game Master 5th Edition App for Windows and Mac via Bluestacks

  • For setting the Game Master 5th on your PC, first, just download the Bluestacks software.
  • And for this process, you have to open the browser from your computer and go to the website of the Bluestacks so that you can install Game Master 5th
  • Whenever the Bluestacks download process is finished, then install this emulator software on your device. In order to get the latest version of the Game Master 5th
  • After the installation process of the Bluestacks software, you have to complete the sign-up process.
  • Now, head to the main page of the Bluestacks and write the Game Master 5th on the search bar. In order to get the 1.23 of the Game Master 5th
  • The result of searching the Game Master 5th will be shown on your screen and you can also select the Game Master 5th from the list.
  • Tap on the install button of the Game Master 5th that is Lion’s Den and you have to wait until the Game Master 5th completes the installation process as well.
  • After installing the Bluestacks and also the Game Master 5th on your PC. Now you can run the Game Master 5th as well.

If your device is using the virtual machine in order to set up the android app. Such as Game Master 5th you don’t need to use the Bluestacks software. However, , if that software is not available, then just follow this Bluestacks installation process to get the Game Master 5th for your PC windows 10.


Is the Game Master 5th needs a lot of space to install?

The size of the Game Master 5th is only 3.3M actually. So, to install the Game Master 5th you only need a little bit of space like 3.3M on your device. So, you can freely install the Game Master 5th swiftly s well.

Is the Game Master 5th risky to use on PC?

No, the Game Master 5th is developed via that gives the best app for the user. So, this app is not risky at all to use on PC.

Can the Game Master 5th support all android devices?

If your device is above the 5.0 and up then you guys can easily install the Game Master 5th on your device. Also, you can install the emulator software to install the Game Master 5th on PC.


Well, I hope you like this article and understand all the steps. However, if you still have any problems and queries related to this article. Then feel free to ask me in the comments section below. I’ll get back to you shortly.

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