How to Enable the Home Button in Google Chrome

Home Button in Google ChromeWell, guys! Here you should remember that thing when all web browsers had a button that would redirect you guys back to a predetermined homepage? Whilst Google prides itself just on having a clutter-free interface, though some folk recollect of the days when you could tap a button & return to your homepage. In this guide, you will learn the way to Enable the Home Button in Google Chrome.

How to Enable the Home Button in Google Chrome

This post explains to you the way to display the Google Chrome web browser’s Home button, though it is not displayed by default. Just because Chrome aims to show a clutter-free interface.

Some folks are asking the way the heck that they get back Home when using the Google Chrome browser. Similarly, it is not on the toolbar by default. You guys are also able to enable it within the settings on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, & macOS versions with these steps.

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Display the Home Button in Google Chrome

When you guys use the Home button, so then you will immediately return to a predetermined web page that you choose.

  • First of all head to the Chrome browser.
  • Now press the More menu, just denoted by three dots which is located in the upper right corner of the browser window.

  • Select the Settings in the scroll-down menu. You are also able to enter the chrome://settings in Chrome’s address bar. Rather than selecting the menu option to head to Chrome’s Settings interface in the active tab.

  • Now you must locate the Appearance section, which also has an option labeled Show Home button.

  • In order to add the Home button simply to your Chrome toolbar. Tap the Show Home button to toggle the slider next to it to the On position.

    In order to clear the Home button at a later time. Tap the Show home button again to toggle the slider to the Off position.

  • Here you must tap one of the two radio buttons underneath the Show home button to build the Home button to direct simply to a new blank tab or to any URL you enter in the field offered. However, this process places a small house icon only to the left of the address field. Tap on the house icon at any time to head to the Home screen.


    Difference B/w the Home Screen & the Startup Screen

    Whether you guys choose to enter a URL for your Home screen, though when you guys click the small house icon to the left of the address field, Chrome opens a tab with that URL.

    Whether you guys choose direct to a new blank tab, you will view the Startup screen on the tab.

    However, the Home screen is not the exact as the Startup screen (except you make them the exact in the settings). Similarly, the Startup screen is the one you guys view when you first organize the Chrome. You guys are also able to personalize it with Themes downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. By tapping Themes in the exact Appearance section where you choose to show the Home button.


    Make the Startup Screen & Home Screen the Same

    Whether you guys prefer that Chrome all the time opens on the particular URL. Though that you entered for your Home screen, rather than the Startup screen:

    • However, first of all in the Settings section, underneath On Startup, you must have to choose the radio button next to Open a specific page or set of pages.
    • Choose one of the pages shown, which probably include your Home screen already, or select Add a New Page & must enter the URL of your Home screen
    • Finally the Startup screen & Home screen now both open on your specified URL.


      1. Choose the “Menu” Home Button in Google Chrome button in the upper-right portion of the window, next you should choose the “Settings“.
      2. Then must toggle the “Show Home button” setting. When enabled, you are also able to view the settings for the “New Tab page”. And the option to head to a particular website when the “Home” icon is chosen.

      Furthermore, you guys must have successfully turned on the Home button in Google Chrome. So it will also be then located to the left of the Address Bar.

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      Well, I hope that you guys like the guide. If you face any issue or have any trouble so then you can also ask us in the comments section below.

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