How to Soft Reset Samsung S6 for Better Performance

soft reset samsung s6It was launched in March 2015, Samsung S6 has basically gathered its own place along with its killer looks, features, and flagship performance. This device basically comes with a 5.1-inch 4k resolution screen along with a 16MP rear and 5MP front camera. Samsung S6 promised and provides a whooping performance along with its Exynos 7420 octa-core processor and 3 GB RAM. Backed up along with a 2550 mAh battery, this device is basically a true performer. Let’s now read the article to know about How to Soft Reset Samsung S6 for Better performance.

Well, if we talk about Samsung S6 reset, then the reasons can be plenty. Along with a continuous update of bulky Android system and user-installed a lot of apps, slow response and phone freezing are some of the common problems for any device, and also Samsung S6 is not any exception. In order to get over this issue, the best option is basically to reset Samsung S6.

How to Soft Reset Samsung S6 for Better performance

S6 Soft Reset

If your phone is frozen or just seems to be having some weird glitches we recommend you first try a soft reset actually. Unless you guys are looking to completely clean your phone, then move onto the instructions below. In order to perform a hard reset.

  • You can also perform a soft reset via tapping and holding the “Power” and “Volume down” buttons for approximately 10 seconds or until the device completely powers off. (If you guys don’t know where these buttons are, then you have to check out the image below!)
  • Now just turn your device back on, then that’s just it!

S6 Hard Reset

There are actually two different ways, that you guys can perform a hard reset; remember a hard reset will wipe each and everything on your phone!

First Method

If you guys can still operate your phone, then we recommend you do a hard reset along with this method. Because it’s easier for a lot of people. If you can’t really use your phone at all since it’s frozen move onto the second method below actually.

  • First of all, you have to turn on your phone if it is not already.
  • Pull down your “Notification Bar” and then choose the “Gear Icon”.
  • You have to choose “Settings” followed via “Backup & Reset”.
  • Now just choose “Reset Device” then “Erase Everything”.
  • When the reset is complete your device will reboot and then you will be finished shortly after!

Second Method

So your phone is essentially just a paperweight right now actually? Don’t just worry, follow the steps below if you can’t perform a reset along with the method above.

  • You guys can perform a hard reset along with this method via tapping and holding the “Power”“Volume down”, and “Home” button for approximately 10 seconds. Or until the device completely powers off as well.
  • Now when your S6 is off, press and then hold the “Home” and “Volume Up” buttons at the same time.
  • When you guys see the Samsung logo pop up, let go of the “Power” button when still holding on to the other two.
  • Then when the “Android System Recovery” boot screen appears let go of the rest of the buttons as well.
  • Now tap on the “Volume Down” button until you guys reach the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option followed via tapping the “Power” button in order to select it.
  • Once again you have to use the “Volume Down” button until you guys reach the “Yes – Delete All User Data” and tap on the “Power” button to choose it.
  • Now just sit back and wait for the restoration process to do its job!
  • After some time it will prompt you along with a screen saying “Reboot System Now”, just tap on the “Power” button in order to accept it.
  • You’re all done now!


Well, I hope you like this “soft reset Samsung s6” article and understand all the steps. However, if you still have any problems and queries related to this article. Then feel free to ask me in the comments section below. I’ll get back to you shortly.

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