On Facebook Where did this Option Go: “Suggest Friends”

"Suggest Friends"Well, Guys! Facebook is a popular & also the best way to connect with your friends & as well as with family just for free. However, I was just trying to suggest a friend on Facebook to another one of my friends today. As well as I opened the friends’ profiles. And the link to Suggest friends was not there. Though then I wonder that it was used to be located underneath the main profile photo. It also has moved. Though guys connecting two unconnected friends is a little bit complicated now. As they suggested friends feature is gone from Facebook. In order to find it. You have must have to just go through this guide.

What does it mean to suggest friends on Facebook?

Well, Guys! As we all know that Facebook is the biggest social networking website. However, it is a vast platform in order to meet & make new friends. And, your Facebook friends are also able to support you to perform that just by suggesting their friends to you. Even though you guys are also able to suggest your two friends two each other whom you guys think would have the best compatibility. In order, to suggest a friend on Facebook means to work as an introducer between two or more of your Facebook friends.

You are also able to suggest their profiles to each other, so they are also able to add them up and begin their Facebook friendship. Similarly, some of those friendships are able to also really go far. By suggesting, you guys are also able to make your friends connect with the people they probably know or people who you think they probably like. Though they could be know or unknown. Since every great friendship begins with two people who did not know anything but tap together at the moment.

Facebook also has refused just using the location data suggest potential friends amid questions related to the unsettling reliability with which it puts forward “people you guys probably know”. However, this feature suggests users who have no or few mutual friends on the network.

Therefore these steps that are mentioned below are just used to be the way you could suggest friends on the desktop version of Facebook.

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Way to Suggest Friends On Facebook now?

After all, Facebook has just removed the ‘Suggest Friends’ feature, though that you have to use some special workarounds in order to perform that. Though we are going to tell you just about the best ones here. You are also able to use them & suggest people to your friends. Though they can begin new friendships. Thud these are quick, easy, & straightforward methods. Nothing complex.

1. Take a Screenshot of a Friend’s Profile & Share it 

Whether you guys are addicted to using the Facebook app or the Facebook Lite app, though guys this is the best procedure for you to suggest people to your friends. However, you guys must have to visit the person’s Facebook profile whom you guys like to suggest & take a screenshot.

Next, you must have to open your friend’s chat, Messenger, or even WhatsApp inbox & also share the screenshot.

You are also able to drop a message saying something such as ‘Add him up, you’d really like him.’ Next, your friend can search the person on Facebooksend them a ‘Friend Request.’ You guys are also able to ask the other person in order to receive your friend’s request. That is all.

2. Share friend’s Profile Link

However, another simple way to suggest a friend to anyone is by sharing their profile link. In order to know the way to do it, follow these steps:

  • First of all, head to the Facebook or Facebook Lite app.
  • Log in to your account. Whether you are already logged in, then skip this step.
  • Visit the ‘Friend’s profile’ to whom you guys like to suggest.
  • Click on the ‘3-dots’ present next to the ‘friends’ icon.
  • Now click on ‘Copy link to Profile.’
  • Then, open a messaging app just like Messenger or WhatsApp.
  • Here you should Open the inbox of the friend to whom you like to suggest a friend.
  • Paste the linksend it.

That’s all. Similarly, your friend is also able to just click on the link & your suggested person’s FB profile will open. He or she can also easily add them then.

ON Personal Computer

You guys can also use this method on your PC. In order to know how to follow these simple steps:

  • In order to do that you must have to visit Facebook.com.
  • Now log in to your account.
  • Then, visit the ‘Friend’s Profile‘ whom you like to suggest.
  • Next, copy the profile link from the URL bar.
  • At last, share it with your friend to whom you want to suggest through email or any other messaging app.

That’s it. You are also able to use WhatsApp Web on your computer to share the link.

3. Create a Group on Messenger

Well, you guys can use Facebook Messenger in order to initiate friendship between two or more of your Facebook friends. In order to know that what you guys have to do, just follow these steps:

  • First of all, Organize the Messenger app. Whether you do not have it, you are also able to install it from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Whether you have not logged in to your account, so then log in.
  • After logging in, click on the ‘Pencil’ icon present in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on ‘Create a New Group.’
  • Then, select the friends you whom you guys like to suggest & also to whom you like to suggest. You are also able to use the search bar to find them whether you do not see them.
  • After selecting the friends, so then click on Next.
  • Select a name for the group & click on ‘Create.’
  • At a time when the group is created, send a message in the group saying, “I’ve created this group to make you people meet. You both can add each other & begin the conversation.”
  • Next, leave the group

That’s all now completed. Similarly, this is another straightforward method to suggest friends on Facebook.

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Well, Facebook is an interesting place to meet new people & also make them your friends. You guys are able to also help your friends in order to find people like them by suggesting the people you guys are friends with. Similarly, this is the way in which you can suggest friends on Facebook. Thus there was a built-in feature earlier, but Facebook also has cleared it now. These are just working methods now.

Here I hope that you guys find it helpful. And I also hope that now you know about suggest friends on Facebook- Where is this Option now? As I have thoroughly explained the steps in this guide. I hope that you guys like this article & also get info from it. Let us know in the comments section below whether you have any queries related to this article. We will try to help you. Have a Great Day!

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