Turn On or Turn Off Developer Mode on the Samsung Galaxy

Developer Mode on SamsungWell, Guys! There are lots of options in the settings menu of your Samsung Galaxy S5. And whether you guys cuttently purchased this smartphone you will definitely need some time just to explore them all. Similarly, some options are also hidden by default. In order to stop inexperienced Android users from altering some settings & probably creating a issue they won’t know the way to solve. Enhancer options are the hidden ones, so whether you guys are planning to install custom ROM or whether rooting your device is the idea you guys have in mind. However, you guys are also able to do such things only whether the developer options are turned on. Though guys we are going to show you how to do just that, just abide by a few simple steps listed in the guide below: way to enable and disable the developer mode on Samsung Galaxy S5.

Turning on the Developer Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5 simply enables you to use the Android SDK & lots of other enhancement tools with the phone. Similarly, it is not turned on just by default though. Similarly, you guys also have to go through some steps to turn on or turn off it.

Enabling Developer Mode Option in Settings

  1. First of all, just from the Home screen, you have to choose “Settings“.
  2. Here drop to the bottom of the list and select “About phone“.
  3. Drop down a bit, then tap the “Build number” option 7 times.

However, you guys will now have a “Developer Mode” option listed in the “Settings” menu.


Disabling Developer Mode Option in Settings

However, you could toggle the “On“/”Off” switch at the top of the “Settings” > “Developer mode” screen whether you guys wanted to turn it off. Whether you like to remove the complete option from the “Settings” menu. Similarly, there is no way to do so without performing a factory reset on the device. Unluckily the old “Clear data” on the Settings app trick does not work on the Galaxy S5.


For enabling the developer options on your Samsung Galaxy S5, you must have to perform the following:

  • Now you must navigate to Settings
  • Drop down and click on “About device” (located under the System)
  • Simply find the Build number item
  • Click on it for a few times until you guys view a message saying you will unlock the option
  • Now, you are also able to go back to Settings and you will view the Developer options listed among the other options on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

As you are also able to see, turning on the developer options on Galaxy S5 is a pretty simple thing in order to do when you guys also know where to look. Now, you guys are able to also enable other options you want, just like the USB debugging, for example.

Whether you ever change your mind & also like to disable Developer options. Only you have to toggle the switch next to it, and don’t fret. Though when you guys do that the options won’t be hidden, just disabled.

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Well, I hope that you guys like the guide if you have any queries so then you can also ask us in the comments section below.

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