VirtualShield VPN Review – All The Things You Should Know

As we become increasingly more immersed via the digital world. And it’s more important than ever for web users in order to protect their devices, data, and browsing habits. All it takes is mere seconds for a malicious third-party to syphon your data via a public WiFi network. And use it to steal personal pictures, bank details, and much more. Read this VirtualShield VPN Review – All The Things You Should Know.

Well, we’re glad to say that over the past few years, consumers have flooded VPNs such as VirtualShield to keep their devices safe actually. The Virtual Shield VPN, or Virtual Private Network, and it takes hold of your connection to the web. Then scrambles it with encryption and enables you in order to browse securely.

It is available on iOS, Android as well as Windows, and macOS, and you guys will have no trouble getting VirtualShield up and running on your device. Additionally, included support for leading browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera will also keep your encryption in-browser only for a more simplified experience as well.

VirtualShield VPN Review – All The Things You Should Know


  • In spite of being under US jurisdiction, and claims to not log data.
  • A decent geographical spread of servers as well


  • The main VPN protocol in use is unknown actually
  • The known VPN protocol also has weak security
  • Limited network size too
  • Also, the standard price is high for what’s available
  • A number of really expensive add-ons are available, and some of which don’t add much.
  • Streaming services are locks behind a paid add-on as well

The VirtualShield VPN network is a really incredible option for those new to the VPN scene. And who is actually looking for an affordable option that also packs with features? Have a look below to learn more in our VirtualShield VPN review.


VirtualShield VPN also uses top-of-the-line 256-bit AES to encrypt the connection between your device and also the VPN server. Unfortunately, not all of the VPN protocols used are disclosed as well, and the available options are “UDP”, “TCP” and “L2TP”as well. UDP and TCP are connection types. However, not VPN protocols, it’s unclear what actual VPN protocol is basically used for these two settings. L2TP is a weak VPN protocol option, that actually generally shouldn’t be used. In this case, but, it may be a better option than the unknown security of the UDP and TCP options.

The UDP and TCP services are basically locked into using a single port each, 1194 and 110, respectively. This means that if these ports are blocked on the network that you’re connected to. Then these connection types simply won’t work for you actually. Thankfully, you guys can at least choose between three options. So there’s a chance that not all possibilities are blocked s well. It would be better but, to allow a broader range of ports.

The UDP port 1194 is generally associated along with the OpenVPN protocol. However, the TCP port 110 is associated along with the email protocol POP3. This suggests, however, in no way guarantees, that the VPN protocol used is OpenVPN as well.


VirtualShield VPN clearly says that it doesn’t actually log any connection or browsing activity data. Such as websites accessed, IP addresses, and timestamps as well. As such despite being a US-based company and thus open to legal demands for data from the US government. Then there is no data for it to hand over.

Small Network Size

VirtualShield VPN actually has servers in just 10 countries, although the spread across the globe could be better, it isn’t bad either. Servers are also available in the US, Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, India, the UK, Australia, Japan, and also Singapore as well. The spread of countries means that most of the users outside of South America. The Middle East and Africa should also have a relatively nearby server available for use as well.


VirtualShield VPN Review

Torrenting isn’t permits on VirtualShield’s VPN at all. An add-on streaming package is also available for an extra $9.99 a month. It claims to give “Unrestricted streaming” to services such as Netflix. But, with the small number of servers it’s possible that this service could stop working reliably at any point.

Pricing and Plans

Virtual Shield has two excellent plans on offer for their users actually. One for individual customers and one for families as well. There are also business plans that are available for customers who need protection across a large number of devices.

Plan One — Personal from $4.99

On the Personal Plan, you guys will be paying $10.99 per month if you opt for the month-to-month plan. However, selecting a yearly option will cost just $5.99 a month, billed upfront as well. This plan also includes support for three simultaneous device connections actually.

But, it doesn’t actually come with any included add-ons. The Personal 24-month plan is further decreases to $4.99 a month.

Plan Two — Family from $29.99

On the Family Plan, it will charge you $29.99 per month on a monthly subscription or $215.88 annually as well. This plan enables customers in order to connect up to a whopping 15 devices simultaneously. That is a little more than what some other VPNs are offering.

Again, no inclusions along with regards to add-ons. The Family 24-month plan is basically $359.76 for a rough monthly cost of $14.39.


VirtualShield also offers a number of paid add-ons for its service: Protection plus costs $12.99 a month and is actually supposed to “scan and block even the most malicious DDOS and cyber-attacks” as well. The “Unrestricted Streaming” add-on costs $9.99 a month and is also supposed to reliably unlock US Netflix and many other streaming sites.

The Premium Phone Support add-on costs $14.99 a month and gives access to a live phone help service. Monthly Maintenance costs $5.99 a month and also has VirtualShield’s “certified security experts review your account monthly to make sure complete protection”.

The final two add-ons are Webcam Privacy Basic and Plus as well. They actually cost $49.99 a year and $79.99 a year, respectively. The basic plan can “block your webcam, microphone, securely remove files and history”. The plus plan can also do the same and also includes “file shredding and trash deletion” too.

Well, no other traditional extra features are available. Like dedicated IP addresses, ad-blocking, or also a double VPN service.

VirtualShield VPN Servers and Locations

VirtualShield is a really young company, which is reflected in its small network of servers. It also has 17 VPN servers spread across ten countries as well. 

Eight servers are in the US and Canada, which provides it decent North American coverage. The ones in Europe, you can find in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and also Serbia. Outside North America and Europe as well. VirtualShield has one server each in Australia, Japan, and Singapore too.

This basically spread is really weak by any standards. We also expect this lack of servers in order to affect the usability of this VPN as well. The speed test that we conduct for our VirtualShield VPN review also confirmed this worry as well.

Can VirtualShield VPN Bypass Geoblocks?

Geoblocks are basically location-based restrictions placed on internet usage via different countries. However, VPNs along with obfuscated servers can bypass these restrictions. We also haven’t used VirtualShield from any such location ourselves as well.

Still, the lack of obfuscated servers and confirmations via user-written VirtualShield reviews clarify that it cannot get through barriers such as the Great Firewall of ChinaIf you guys are based in countries such as China, Cuba, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Then you should look for other VPN services that can bypass the geo-blocks.

Ease of Use

One of VirtualShield’s developers’ aims is basically to make it really easy for anyone to use the service. They have certainly managed to achieve this. That consider that the VirtualShield VPN app is one of the most intuitive we have seen among all the VPNs we review.

As you guys can see, even first-time users can figure out all functionalities in minutes actually. The settings also have links to webpages along with quick explanations of each feature. There’s a really little difference in apps’ interfaces on different platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS as well).

All features work smoothly and connecting to VPN servers is very quick. The overall design could have been sleeker, however, we would rate the ease of use over appearance any day too. VirtualShield also offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera as well. These are simplified versions along with fewer settings and only protect your browser’s internet activity as well.

Customer Support

We’re really glad to say that Virtual Shield’s customer support is outstanding. And a really great perk for those using a VPN for the first time.

On the first contact, support staff members are generally really polite and have all of the information on-hand. That’s requires to deal with each and everything from simple issues to more complex ones. A significant standout feature of customer support at Virtual Shield is all contact and communication requests are record as well. So if you return for more help, then your team member will know exactly how can you assist.

  • 24/7 Email and Chat Support as well
  • Friendly Team Members too
  • A lot of Support Posts
  • Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Support Content as well

You guys will find support available 24/7 through email and live chat. And also the service has a tonne of useful information on their website. If you are looking to DIY any fixes or then go it alone when there’s an issue.

There are also support links as well as shortcuts embedded across the service’s websites, social media channels as well as the software program itself. So when difficulties arise, help is just a click away actually.


Well, I hope you like this “VirtualShield VPN Review” article and understand all the steps. However, if you still have any problems and queries related to this article. Then feel free to ask me in the comments section below. I’ll get back to you shortly.

Keep Smiling!

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