Way to Find your Phone Number in Android & iOS

Find your Phone Number

Well, Guys! Have you ever been asked for your number & could not remember it? Need to add your contact details to a form & could not remember your phone number? And have you added yourself as a contact on your phone? However, you are also able to find your own phone number? Though I have completed all those things & I know I am not alone. That is why I put this tutorial on the way to find your phone number on Android & iOS.

Way to Find your Phone Number in Android & iOS


However, there’s nothing more shaming than being asked for your phone number by someone just to not remember it. Especially whether you use your phone for business, it can also look amazingly unprofessional to trip over your phone number. And for lots of us just with two phones, it definitely is not easy to remember a work number.

It is too possible to quickly stop your phone number in your phone just on both iOS & as well as Android. We will here walk you through the steps & also give you some more instructions below!

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Way to Find Your Phone Number in iOS

Whether you are an iPhone user you are probably to be used to the simple layout & also working of your device. Luckily Apple has also made it amazingly simple in order to find your phone number.

Whether you guys open the Phone app you are also able to tap on ‘Contacts‘ at the bottom of the screen. Next click on ‘My Card‘ to see your phone number. But, in some situations, just your address & also the username appears. So, whether that’s the case for you, there is another, foolproof, route to find your phone number.

Here’s the way:

  • First of all, you have to head to the Settings app on your phone & drop down to ‘Phone.’ Click on it.
  • Then drop down a bit more until your phone number appears.
  • Here let’s go a bit further & also add your phone number to your contacts card whether it is not readily available.

Here’s the way to add your phone number to your Contact Card on an iPhone:

  • Head to the calling app on your phone and click ‘Contacts’ at the bottom. Then click on ‘My Card.’
  • Click the ‘Edit’ option in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Now enter your phone number & click ‘Done in the upper right-hand corner.

However, when you guys need to find your phone number so then it will be listed right in your phone’s contacts.

What To Do whether the Wrong Number Appears

Well, guys! Whether your phone number is appearing. But it’s wrong so there could be a number of purposes for this. Therefore a number of fixes. This can also be interestingly simple, or more complicated just relaying that what’s causing the error.

First of all, whether you guys currently made a change to your phone number, so then your phone, or your cell phone carrier, the probably cause is an error on the phone company’s part. Whether you altered your phone number then it will take some time just for it to update on your phone (though no more than one day normally). However, all you guys must have to do is power cycle your phone & also your new phone number should appear.

Whether you guys switched carriers your phone number is going just via a porting process. However, that is also able to take one to two days to complete. Whether you are seeing a phone number that you do not recognize, though this is probably why.

Whether your number is incorrect. But you have made no conversions to your account, contact your cell phone carrier. You probably need a new SIM card or there could be a problem with your account.

At last, many users who just have noticed a problem with their phone number also have resolved it just by following the ‘Settings’>’ Messages’>’iMessages’ and disable the iMessage then turn it back on. Similarly, this should refresh your phone & update your phone number.

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Way to find your phone number in Android

However, just finding your phone number on Android 10 is only as simple as iOS. But, whether you guys are using a previous version of Android there are additional steps you have to take.

Firstly, simply try this:

  1. First of all, head to your phone and choose Contacts.
  2. Choose Me from the top of the list to see your number.

Whether you do not see Me in your contacts, you probably must have to dig a little deeper.


  1. Here settings & About Phone or About Device.
  2. Choose Status or Phone Number or Identity.


  1. Settings & About Phone or About Device.
  2. Choose Status & SIM Status & then My Phone Number.

However, your last option in order to find your phone number in Android is to phone a friend. Just as long as they won’t laugh at you too much, you guys are also able to phone them. And next, record your number somewhere or add it as per the tips and tricks below.

Add Your Phone Number – Android

You guys are also able to easily add your phone number to your contacts by clicking the ‘Edit button in your calling app as displayed above. But, what is also able to you do whether your phone number is not showing up at all?

Similarly, some users have stated that their phone number says ‘Unknown’ in the Settings on their phone. Whether this is occurring to you, there are a few resolves.

Firstly, try turning your phone off & back on again. Whether this does not work, head to your phone’s Settings & follow the ‘Connections’>’ More Connections’>’ Reset Network Settings path. However, your phone will disable & back on, next the number should appear.

Whether this does not work, contact your carrier. It is probably that you must have a new SIM card.

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Well, I hope that you guys like the guide. If you guys have any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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