Way to fix the issue “Galaxy Tab A Won’t Turn On”

The most common issue is that many smartphone users experience is the No Power issue. Whether you guys have a Galaxy Tab A that won’t turn on. However, this troubleshooting article will most probably help. Learn that what you guys have to do whether you don’t know the way to deal with this issue.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab A won’t Turn On

Whether your Galaxy Tab A won’t turn on & then you have no idea why. There is a number of components that you guys must consider. However, in this post, we will show you the possible solutions to try though you guys are also able to identify & fix this problem.

Galaxy Tab A won’t turn on fix #1: Charge device

Whether your Galaxy Tab A won’t turn on just after using it usually & without issues before. There probably be a simple solution — just charge it. However, Lithium-based batteries are also able to run out of power & probably fail to enable the device even, though, it’s not entirely drained. In order to check, you must charge the phone for at least 30 minutes before attempting to switch it back. This should also be too enough to top the battery up & potentially power the device back on.

Though just in case there’s an issue with your favorite outlet. Try to plug in the charging adapter into another one. However, this should abolish the possibility of the outlet purposing the phone not to charge.

In some cases, doing a trickle charge probably helps. Trickle charge is charging your device just by connecting it to a PC. However, this takes time but it can occassioanlly fix devices that won’t charge usually. Though many times devices that are totally dead recover after 45 minutes to 2 hours using this trickle-charge method. So after the device recovers, complete charging by plugging it into a wall outlet.

Whilst connected to the wall charger, press & hold the Power, Volume Up, and also Volume Down buttons just for 1-2 full minutes. However, this process probably helps switch on the device when just pressing the Power button is unsuccessful.

Galaxy Tab A won’t turn on fix #2: Use another set of charging accessories

Charging accessories can go bad just like phones do. Whether your Galaxy Tab A is still not enabling after leaving it charged for 30 minutes. Though the next step is also to confirm that your charging cable & adapter are working. Whether you guys are also able to borrow another set of original Samsung accessories. We highly suggest that you do so. The point is to check whether the USB cable &/or adapter is the cause why the device is not charging. Whether possible, try to get the cable & adapter for your device & not for any other Samsung tablet.

Whether nothing conversions after that, proceed to the next troubleshooting steps below.

Galaxy Tab A won’t turn on fix #3: Check for hardware damage

The Galaxy Tab A is typically reliable but from every now and again. Some units probably not work as expected. Whether your Galaxy Tab A won’t turn on, one of the first things that you guys also wish just to check is the possibility that worse hardware probably is to blame. Does your Galaxy Tab A also has cracks or marks of hardware injure? Such things are normally the result of having dropped the device. Or hit the phone with something hard. These two are normally the causes for serious hardware malfunction on phones.

Whether your problem started after you dropped the device, you guys should consider getting support from Samsung. The just reason for it is injured hardware. And there is no amount of software tweaks that you guys can also do to fix it. Just visit your local Samsung store so a technician can also offer you professional advice.

Whether the device was not at all physically damaged. Next, you must go ahead with the rest of the troubleshooting.

Galaxy Tab A won’t turn on fix #4: Reboot device

However, your Galaxy Tab A probably has become unresponsive or frozen at this time. So try to perform a “battery pull” to see whether you can simply unfreeze it. Here’s the way in which it is completed:

  1. Press & hold the Power (upper right, on top of the volume rocker). And Volume down buttons until the Maintenance Boot Mode screen appears (maximum 10 seconds).
  2. Though just from the Maintenance Boot Mode screen, you should choose the Normal Boot. Use the volume buttons to cycle via the available options & the Power button to choose. The complete process probably takes up to 60 seconds to complete.

Whether the device won’t switch on, press & must hold the Power button for 5-10 seconds.

Important Note: Whether the device switches on. But does not hold a charge, power cycle the device then charge fully & finally re-test.

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Galaxy Tab A won’t turn on fix #5: Check to charge port

Well, Guys! Another common cause why a Galaxy device fails in order to turn on is the lack of power. That’s because so that there is something in the charging that stops it to charge. Just try to check the charging port just by using a magnifying tool whether possible. Whether you guys view that there is dirt, lint, or foreign object inside, that’s likely the reason why the battery has died. Similarly, use a canned of compressed air in order to blow away dirt or lint. Avoid sticking anything inside in order not to injure the system.

Occassioanlly corrosion or the presence of water or moisture probably block charging. Confirm to dry the phone completely especially the charging port. Whether you guys think that the port is wet, so you do not use compressed air to dry it out as that probably pushes moisture deep inside. Rather just allow the water to drip down for several hours. Water evaporates usually after lots of hours.

Another possible cause why the charging port probably not be working accurately is damaged or bent pin/s. Therefore try to inspect the interior of the port just by using a magnifying tool just to check. Whether you view a bent or damaged pin, to have the device repaired by Samsung.

Galaxy Tab A won’t turn on fix #6: Reboot to Safe Mode

Whether your Galaxy Tab A still won’t turn on, so you should contemplate checking. Whether it’s being caused by a too bad third-party app. Not all of the applications are created equal & occassioanlly a malicious or worse coded one may interfere with Android. Whether your Galaxy Tab A started having the issue after you guys install an app. That probably be the cause. Try rebooting to safe mode. Whether you guys are able to successfully start your Galaxy Tab A to safe mode, you most probably have an app issue.

To start the device to safe mode:

  1. Just with the device switched off, you should press & hold the Power and Volume Down buttons. Just until the Samsung Galaxy Tab A screen appears.
  2. However, when “Samsung Galaxy Tab A” appears on the screen, simply release the Power button. But continue to hold the Volume down button.
  3. Here continue to hold the Volume down button just until “Safe mode” appears in the lower-left of the unlock. Or home screen then release. This probably takes up to 45 seconds.
  4. Whether your device starts to Safe Mode fine. Next, you guys are also able to most likely solve the issue by identifying the app and removing it.

Third-party apps are disabled in this mode

You must keep in mind that third-party apps are disabled in this mode. So what you guys can also use are pre-installed apps. Whether Galaxy Tab A reboots to safe mode successfully, just means that the issue is due to a bad app. Remove the application which you recently installed & see whether that will also fix it. Whether the issue also remains, use the process of eradicating to identify the rogue app. Here is how:

  1. First of all, start to safe mode.
  2. Now check for the issue.
  3. At a time when you have confirmed that a third-party application is to blame. You guys can also start uninstalling apps separately. We also suggest that you guys start with the newest ones you added.
  4. After you guys uninstall an app, reboot the phone to normal mode & check for the issue.
  5. Whether your Galaxy Tab A still won’t enable usually (but works on safe mode), repeat steps 1-4.

Galaxy Tab A won’t turn on fix #7:  Boot to Recovery

Whether you guys are unable to reboot or also start the device to Safe Mode. Though your next step is to try starting to Recovery instead. However, there are two options that you guys can also perform in Recovery Mode. Whether either one of them works, so then you should also be able to use the device again usually.

  1. With the device switched off, press & also hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up buttons at the exact time.
  2. Whether successful, so then you should also see the Recovery Mode menu on the screen.
  3. To solve the issue, simply consider refreshing the system cache first by choosing wipe cache partition.
  4. Whether clearing the cache partition won’t support, do a factory reset by choosing wipe data/factory reset.

Remember that factory reset will also remove any unstored personal data on your tablet. Unluckily at this stage, though there’s just no way to make a backup of your files. So be prepared simply to accept the reality. That you will not be also able to retrieve anything afterward.

Galaxy Tab A won’t turn on fix #9: Repair

Whether your Galaxy Tab A still won’t turn on just after performing all the suggestions above. The issue is probably caused by something more serious. Though just as an end-user, there is so much that you guys can also perform at this point. However, the best course of action for you guys would also be to get support from Samsung. Therefore visit your local Samsung store. Or their Service Center so the phone can also be examined or repaired.

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