Way to Turn Auto-Correct On or Off in Galaxy S8


Well, Guys! Auto-correct is a delicate feature, but occasionally it is more of a roadblock than it is too advantageous. Luckily, the way is there to turn off the auto-correct on the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8 smartphone. Whether you guys prefer to type easily without interruption. We will show you some options when dealing with this feature.

Way to Turn Auto-Correct On or Off in Galaxy S8

Following are the options you should read them out at once, in order to turn Auto-Correct On or Off in Galaxy S8.

Option 1 – Add Words to the Dictionary on the Fly

However, when the “Auto replacement” is turned on, on the Galaxy S8 & Note 8, words are automatically turned to the word the device thinks you like to use when you guys press the Space bar. Whether this occurs & you do not like the word to be auto-corrected again. You guys are also able to click the corrected word, then select the word as you originally typed it.

Similarly, do these steps with every automatically corrected word the first time & finally you guys will not be then troubled with it any longer.

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Option 2 – Disable the Auto-correct Completely

  1. However, just from the Home screen, choose the “Apps” > “Settings” > “General management” (Whether an option) > “Language and input“.
  2. Choose “On-screen keyboard“.
  3. Now you have to choose the keyboard you guys are using. Most probably “Samsung keyboard“.
  4. However, the “Smart typing” section is the one you guys are interested in. Simply turn each feature on or off as you like.
  • Auto replaces – Inevitably replace most probably word after space bar is hit.
  • Auto spacing – Place spaces in b/w words.
  • Predictive text – Though the words are recommended below the keyboard field.
  • Auto punctuates – Insert periods or apostrophes instantly.
  • Auto check spelling – Here you should underline spelling errors

Well, Guys! This guide applies to the Samsung Galaxy models SM-G955, SM-G950SM, & N950.


Powering on or off the autocorrect for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is pretty straightforward. Now you should check out our tips and tricks to perform it.

Whilst just having typos instinctively corrected is the perfect tool, it is also able to occasionally cause more issues than conveniences. Whether you guys are getting fed up with your smartphone’s auto-correct feature so then you must have to read on to find out another way to turn on or off autocorrect on Galaxy S8.

To entirely disable auto-correct, so you guys will also have to navigate just via some menus. Firstly, from your Home screen head to your Applicatoins menu. Afterwards tap on Settings, next “General management”, & then “Language and input”.

Then you guys will like to click on the option that also reads “On-screen keyboard”. It is too likely that you guys are using the default “Samsung Keyboard” so choose this. Now you should head to the Smart Typing option and click on that. You will also view a scroll-down menu that shows several typing functions. That you guys are able to enable or disable as you view fit.

Furthermore, the five options just include “Predictive text”, “Auto replace”, “Auto spell check”, “Auto spacing” & “Auto punctuate”. We suggest leaving Auto spell check on as everyone makes typos & it is able to also still be advantageous to detect them easily. On the other hand, you can also disable the rest for actual Auto-correct functions. This is the way in which you can turn off autocorrect on Galaxy S8.

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Well, I hope that you guys like a guide. If you guys face any trouble or have any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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