Way to Wave Back on Facebook Messenger: Guide

Well, Guys! Facebook’s Messenger application is too popular & the perfect way to connect with your friends & family for free. It is occasionally a little confusing in order to use & one tricky feature is being able to “wave” at someone. Don’t fret, though: We are going to make it simple for you! In this guide, you will learn the way to Wave Back on Facebook Messenger.

Wave Back on Facebook Messenger

You get one automatic wave when you add a new contact

However, when you guys add a new contact in Messenger, you will view a new message appear even whether neither of you also has said anything so far. Must open this message & you guys will also see a note from the application itself telling you that your new friend is waving at you (& the familiar yellow hand will show). You will consistently have the option to wave back, click the second waving hand icon! Though this will just work one time. In order to wave at a longtime Messenger friend, that you will have to use a trick.

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You are also able to wave to anyone in your contacts who is “active”

In order to wave to someone you have talked to before, head to the Messenger. But do not head to your Chats (the “speech bubble” icon in the lower-left). Instead, click the middle icon that seems like two people. And you will switch to your Contacts tab. However, just at the top of the screen, you are also able to select between Stories & Active; click the Active button. Now you guys should view a list of all your friends who are recently active in the application. Presuming someone is listed that you would like to wave to, click the gray hand icon to the right of their name, & voila! You have added a hand wave to your ongoing chat with that friend.

You guys are able to also use the Facebook website to wave

Whether you are using the real Facebook website on a laptop or desktop PC (as opposed to the Messenger application on a phone), waving is even simpler. Although the list of contacts will also appear in a frame on the right side of the web page. Similarly, there won’t be a hand icon at first, but whether you guys move your mouse over someone’s name & hang there, though the grey hand will also appear. Tap the hand & a happy yellow wave animation will also appear in your chat only with that friend.

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You are able to take back a wave

Whether it is been less than 10 minutes, after all, you guys sent a wave by mistake, so you don’t fret — you are able to also undo it! Head to the chat with the unlucky wave & long click (put your finger on the yellow hand & hold your finger there for a second or two). Here the option will also appear to “Remove” the wave, abided by “Remove for everyone”. The wave should now vanish from both your chat window & your friend’s.

Emojis & other options

Furthermore, there is another way to revitalize your new waving capabilities: the “emoji” button. In either the Facebook website or the messenger application, head to a particular chat window with a friend. However, one of the options in or around the text box should also be a round smiley face — click that & a list of emojis will also appear (on my phone I had to also switch from the “stickers” tab to the “emoji” tab.) Now you guys are also able to add all kinds of facial expressions & hand gestures!

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Wave Back on Facebook Messenger – Conclusion

Well, I hope that you guys like the guide. If you have e any queries so then you can ask us in the comments section below.

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