YouTube Kids for PC, Windows, and Mac – Download

YouTube Kids for PCYouTube does not really support 21 Plus content on its platform. No publisher permits to publish these types of content. However, there are some videos on YouTube that fall under the 18 plus category actually. Indirectly, there are these types of stuff on YouTube that are not suitable for kids. Well, what should parents do if their kid recalcitrates from using YouTube? You guys may do not know there is a separate YouTube version for Kids known as YouTube Kids actually. Let’s read the article, to know about YouTube Kids for PC, Windows, and Mac – Download.

Basically, YouTube Kids is present in App form only, YouTube Kids PC version is not available actually. This app is actually designed for smartphones and tablets supported via Android or iOS. With this tutorial, anyone will be able to download YouTube Kids for Windows, Mac PCs, or Laptops as well.

YouTube Kids Introduction

The YouTube Kids app can also be a safer way for the children in order to watch videos on YouTube. This app only gives videos for the kids. The parents can also set what video categories that actually they want their children to see. They can also monitor the videos that their children watched through peaking at history.

The parents can also give their support through helping to report whenever they find a video that is inappropriate for their kids. YouTube Kids app only uses algorithms in order to restrict the videos. So there is a chance that some videos, such as cartoons for adults, mistakenly appear on it as well.

On Youtube Kid’s videos basically divided into four categories to browse videos like “Recommended,” “Shows,” “Music,” and also “Learning”. Then children can also search for videos according to these four categories actually. Moreover, Another useful feature is parenting control on Youtube Kids. Parents can also limit the time of using the Youtube Kids application and restrict the search tool too. And also they can add a passcode for a google account to avoiding the changes of settings.

Parental setup needs to make sure the best experience possible for your kid. YouTube Kids also contains paid ads in order to offer the app for free of cost. Your kid may also see videos along with commercial content from YouTube creators that are not paid ads actually. The Privacy Notice for Google Accounts managed along with Family Link describes our privacy practices. Whenever your kid uses YouTube Kids with their Google Account.

YouTube Comparison with Other Apps

Android application Kidoodle.TVSafe Streaming™ developed via Kidoodle.TV is listed under the category Entertainment. According to Google Play Kidoodle.TV – Safe Streaming™ achieved up to 10,000,000 installs. Kidoodle.TV – Safe Streaming™ right now has 15,454 ratings along with an average rating value of 3.82. The current percentage of ratings achieved in the last 30 days is 46.61%, also, the percentage of ratings achieved in the last 60 days is 131.19%. Kidoodle.TV – Safe Streaming™ has actually the current market position #27522 through a number of ratings.

Android application YouTube Kids developed via Google LLC is listed under the category Entertainment. According to Google Play, YouTube Kids achieved up to 100,000,000 installs. YouTube Kids currently has 1,313,400 ratings along with an average rating value of 4.29. Right now, the percentage of ratings achieved in the last 30 days is 2.74%, percentage of ratings achieved in the last 60 days is 5.81%. YouTube Kids has actually the current market position #588 via a number of ratings.

YouTube Kids for PC

YouTube Kids Features

  • Now parents should not worry because their kids can’t see the age-restricted material.
  • Kids can also enjoy the countless rhymes, cartoons (Not Anime), musical ads for free of cost.
  • This app is absolutely free to use for a lifetime, now charges are applied for any kind of usage.
  • Youtube Kids algorithm is really strong, no videos will be entertainment that contains adult content actually.
  • Parents have the freedom in order to block videos that are suitable for kids.
  • The search feature on Youtube Kids is also customizable. The parent has an option of Turning the search option On or Off as well.
  • Just like the Facebook profiling system, Youtube Kids also have the same thing as it. Limit of 8 profiles on each and every device, set preferences for each profile. Only allows genre of videos will be shown to Kids actually.
  • Connectable to TV, so the kids can watch whatever they want under their parent’s guidance.
  • Through a specific procedure, getting Youtube Kids for PC is possible now.

Limit screen time: You can set a time limit for how long your kids can watch and help encourage their transition from watching to doing.
Keep up along with what they watch: Simply check the watch it again page and you will always know what they have watched and the newest interests they are exploring.
Blocking: You don’t like a video? Block the video or the entire channel, and never see it again.
Flagging: You can always alert us to inappropriate content through flagging a video for review. Flag videos reviews 24 hours a day, seven days a week as well.

YouTube Kids for PC, Windows, and Mac – Download

The first step is to install Android Emulators on Windows or Mac. From BlueStacks to Genymotion, users have got a lot of choices regarding the selection of Android emulators. For Windows, we also suggest BlueStacks, an incredibly fast and most stable as well. On the other hand, Mac users should prefer Nox App Player, the best Android emulator for Mac actually.

Download – YouTube Kids
You can also download any emulator, just click here

Via Bluestacks


  • You can either download the BlueStacks for Windows from the official site. Or, tap on the BlueStacks Download button prepared for you, the file is actually present on Google Drive.
  • When you download the BlueStacks completely, the next step is the installation of it. Just run the downloaded file, permit it to make changes to your PC.
  • BlueStacks startup will now appear with the install button, tap on it. Now, wait for the loading bar in order to get complete.
  • It’s now time to fulfill some formalities. Choose the Language first, English is a really good choice. At next you guys have to enter Google Account, this step is compulsory. You have to enter the Google Account (ID & Password). In case, you do not have Google Account, then create a new one via tapping on “Create New Account”.
  • After you complete the formalities, the BlueStacks home screen will appear. It an Android alike interface actually. At the end of the BlueStacks screen, you guys will see an option of APK Installer. You can install YouTube Kids APK from there.

Via Nox

You have to follow these simple steps below:


  • In order to begin, install Nox app player on PC
  • It is basically an Android emulator, after installing run Nox on PC, and log in to Google account
  • Tab searcher and you need to search for: YouTube Kids
  • Now install YouTube Kids on your Nox emulator
  • When the installation completed, you will then be able to play YouTube Kids on your PC


Well, I hope you like this article and understand all the steps. However, if you still have any problems and queries related to this article. Then feel free to ask me in the comments section below. I’ll get back to you shortly.

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